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The Kłodzko Land – Information about the region

The Kłodzko Land is a unique part of Poland. Its numerous advantages encourage people to make short weekend trips as well as to relax for a longer time in the bosom of nature, and enjoy biological regeneration.

The history of the region's towns is full of mysteries and fascinating stories reaching back as far as the ancient times. It is worth knowing that the Amber Road ran here in the past, and many adventurers used to seek for the Amber Room in the peat bog near Zieleniec. The Kłodzko Land, like every borderland area, also used to be an arena of conflicts between the neighbours. The fortunes of Czechs, Austrians and Prussians collided here, and the Napoleonic army marched through the land.

In the cultural melting pot the traditions of the inhabitants: the Germans, Czechs, Poles, Austrians and Jews, were all mixed. Thanks to them, the region abounds in precious relics of the past, some of which are pearls on a world scale. The most interesting monuments of history of the Kłodzko Land are the following: the Kłodzko Fortress of the 17th century, the Paper Mill in Duszniki of the same time, the Skull Chapel in Kudowa - Czermna, the baroque and renaissance tenement houses in Bystrzyca Kłodzka and Lądek Zdrój, and the Basilica in Wambierzyce, called the Polish Jerusalem.

The Kłodzko Land abounds also in numerous natural peculiarities which cannot be found in any other places in Poland. It is worth visiting the National Park of the Table Mountains with its unique rock formations in the area of Kudowa and Radków, the peat bog near Zieleniec, where flora typical for Siberia can be admired, and the Bear Cave in Kletno near Stronie Śląskie. 

Some of the latest tourist attractions also deserve attention: a coal mine in Nowa Ruda, a gold mine in Złoty Stok, or a mysterious uranium mine in the Śnieżnik Mountains. The beautiful Japanese Garden in Jarków near Lewin is also worth seeing.

The Kłodzko Land is also the largest cluster of spas rich in therapeutic mineral waters (mainly oxalates) in Poland. Polanica, Kudowa, Duszniki, Długopole and the oldest spa in Poland - Lądek, have attracted patients from Poland and abroad for many years.

The Kłodzko Land health resorts offer treatment for such conditions as pulmonological, rheumatologic, neurological, gastrological, cardiological and gynaecological diseases. The traditional types of health resort medical services have recently been supported by offers of many SPA centres. One can take delight in sophisticated beautifying treatments connected with biological regeneration in these centres. 

Hikers will find the Kłodzko Land to be a real paradise. Hundreds of kilometres of tourist trails offer the possibility to enjoy the proximity of nature and unique views. Bikers will also have many reasons to be satisfied. The Kłodzko Land is a dream place for biking amateurs. But be careful! You should not try to bite off more than you can chew, and you should get to know well the route that you intend to take (road elevations will be of particular importance). 

The Kłodzko Land is valued highly by skiers, snowboarders and biathletes. The best known ski stations in the region are Zieleniec and Czarna Góra. Jamrozowa Polana and the National Park of the Table Mountains offer cross-country skiing routes.

The Kłodzko Land is vibrant with life all year round, but most of large cultural and entertaining events are organized during the summer. The International Chopin Festival in Duszniki - the oldest piano festival in the world - is a pearl in the regional events calendar. Next year's edition will be the 65th edition of this great festival of classical music. A wide range of events has been prepared for cinema fans. There are also many important sports events in the Kłodzko Land, such as The Dolnośląski Rally, mountain car races, a cycling super-marathon the Kłodzko Classic, numerous downhill competitions, and winter competitions, such as the Bronisław Haczkiewicz Memorial.

We invite you to the Kłodzko Land.

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