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The Kłodzko Land – for bikers - downhill

Gravity-assisted mountain biking, also called extreme biking, which becomes more and more popular, has been developing very well in the Kłodzko Land. At present, its fans can have fun in Zieleniec and Czarna Góra.

Downhill is a type of mountain biking practiced on steep natural slopes or specially prepared downhill roads. Downhill racers compete in going down steep slopes full of numerous obstacles (bumps, ruts, sharp bends, take-offs). Similarly to alpine ski racers, a downhill racer has to concentrate on the selection of an optimal route without losing traction. Downhill is a sport discipline requiring strong nerves, reflection, courage and more than average cycling skills.

In Zieleniec near Duszniki, there is a special Bike Park waiting for extreme riding fans. One can freely have a good time here all the summer season round. We can get to the starting point of the route in a 6-person chairlift which is adapted for bicycle transportation. The track in Zieleniec has recently been rebuilt and extended to 1200 m. Details at: www.zieleniec-extreme.eu.

Bicycle and adventure lovers will also appreciate the downhill track on Czarna Góra in Sienna near Stronie. This recently opened Bike Park is first of all one of the most difficult downhill tracks in Poland, 2.4 km long, and also a freeride track (3.6 km long). A dirt/slope style track is also being constructed in the Bike Park. The Czarna Góra track has been valued highly by the Polish Cycling Association and has become the arena of the Polish Downhill Cup competitions. Apart from this event, another cyclic event is the President of Czarna Góra Cup Competition, taking place in September. Detailed information at: www.parkrowerowy.pl.

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26 lutego 2024
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